Steppes Alternative Asset Management is an investment manager that has a focus on growth markets and natural resources. We believe that through time, growth markets economies, have been underpinned by the development of their natural resource assets It is a well established fact that these markets are cyclical, and we look to take advantage of the natural resource investment cycle by delivering alternative financial solutions to best take advantage of the dips and highs of those cycles.


The funds that we are building are focused towards specific areas of the natural resource markets. We do not just view the natural resource market as mining, oil and gas, but take a more overall view that includes energy, infrastructure, water, and food security.


The company’s management has a solid track record in developing investments in alternative investments, specifically in that of private equity, and is now evolving as an alternative asset management business focused on building targeted private equity funds and expanding assets under management through acquisition and organic growth.

The Company has shown it can deliver exceptional value to its shareholders and has assembled a first class management and operational team who collectively have a wealth of experience in investment banking, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Asset Management and Private Banking.

The origins of our business go back several years, when the first private equity investments were made by our founding stakeholders. Since then the business has grown via organic growth and acquisitions.


Our beliefs are centred on delivering long term capital gains, on investing in companies and situations that have unique characteristics, on identifying opportunities that may have been missed by our peers. We believe that there are many worthwhile investment opportunities that exist, and seek to work with selected management teams that have innovative well thought out investment proposals.

We believe that by focusing on a research driven approach we can target areas of our target markets that are underserved by other private equity managers.

Our management are incentivized to deliver growth and healthy returns as they are all stakeholders in the business.