Steppes Alternative Asset Management believe that the overall requirement for natural resources is going to increase significantly in the medium and long term due to demand pressure.

The current price outlook for certain commodities with short term over supply is forecast to be at least constant between now and 2025, with commodities without oversupply forecasting steady price growth over the same period.

It is inevitable that the current sell off in certain commodities caused by recent volatility will create exceptional opportunities for advisory firms and private equity investors over the next 24 months.

Steppes global network and long term outlook enables Steppes to take advantage of opportunities in the natural resources market throughout all stages of the market cycle.

Steppes has a unique sector focus and geographical footprint in the key natural resource sectors and underserved growth markets on which Steppes is focusing.

Despite 2015 being a bad year for mining capital markets 62 natural resource private equity funds raised a total of $63 billion.