Steppes Alternative Asset Management is focused on delivering enhanced value to investors and shareholders alike. We believe with a growing global population and the demands that brings, the emerging middle classes from Asia and Africa, that there exists an unprecedented opportunity over the next 30 years to create exceptional returns.

The latest statistics from various bodies within the United Nations, all point to explosive population growth taking place around with world, with the population of Africa expected to be at a similar level by 2030, as China has today.

With a growing global population, it is clear that there are undeniable needs of this growing population that include:

Access to clean and drinkable water

Access to food security

Access to affordable energy

Access to raw materials

Access to affordable consumables

Access to banking

The World is currently entering a paradigm shift, the 20th Century was built upon the development of petroleum products and petro chemicals. The 21st Century is all about electrification of the global economy. Down to climate change the World is having to adapt and change the way it is powered. New renewable energy sources, the evolution of the electric car, the commercialisation of space, the increase in global population are leading to an unprecedented demand for certain commodities.

Over the next decade and beyond we expect to see a big uptick in the demand for metals connected to renewable technologies and electric vehicles in particular. Following on for this we expect to see significant demand for materials connected to the commericalisation of Space.

Ultimately, the commercialisation of space is an inevitable and exciting prospect. Companies hoping to capitalise on the fledgling market are also helping governments drive forward the development of new space technologies and gathering data on space and the Earth to drive both forward. These Companies will have a significant demand for materials that can withstand the realities of space.

Our approach is identifying niche areas, such as critical metals, sometimes known as technology metals (which will be required for many countries economic development, due to their absolute need for use in technology, renewable energy, electric vehicles, infrastructure and space technologies).

Over 69 metals have been deemed “Critical” to economic development by Governments around the world. We seek to provide investment coverage across these metals by developing a diversified investment portfolio enabling a risk-balanced approach.

Our initial approach is identifying niche areas, such as critical metals (which will be required for many countries economic development). Over 69 metals have been deemed “Critical” to economic development by Governments around the word. We believe that the financing of such metals is important as new uses for hybrid metals, for alloys, and metals that are needed for consumable products, and new technological innovations such as Electric Vehicles and Home Power packs (being developed by companies like Tesla) are well under way, and we believe provide an exceptional opportunity for value creation.

These “Critical” metals are also used in the development of new renewable energy products and technologies, and with many developing countries that have no legacy infrastructure issues, we believe that renewable energy is an area that also provides exceptional value creation possibilities.

It is also clearly evident that a growing global population will require clean water, and access to food security which is why Steppes Alternative Asset Management are looking at launching new funds in these areas.

This information section of the website will provide corporate materials that provide an insight into the future direction of the business.

What We Look For

Experienced Management Teams

We look to partner with experienced management teams that have a history of identifying, developing and operating sustainable and successful mineral assets.

High Quality Assets

At the central core of any mining operation is a high quality asset base. Without this, the value is not there. We seek out opportunities where the asset base is identified and shows sustainable upside potential of being an economically attractive mineral asset. We seek out commodities that are strategic and in attractive stages of the market cycle.

Sustainable Operations

We are serious about sustainable mining practices. We believe that all stakeholders have to be responsible with their approach to environmental, social and governance impacts of mining.

Technological Innovation

We like to invest in companies and funds that promote and harness innovation and emerging technologies to achieve operating efficiencies and mitigate risk that will deliver enhanced value to our investment.

Due Diligence is Key

At the core of any investment is a robust and thorough due diligence process. Our team and consultants have extensive experience in forensic level due diligence which ensures we make sound investment decisions.